Summer Company

Check out Summer Company Businesses – our Youth Entrepreneurs!

Jul 20, 2017

See our Summer Company Clients in action this summer!  Clients have been through training, mentoring and received a Government of Ontario grant of $3,000.  Please support their business if you can!


ACCESS-Small Loans Big Ideas

ACCESS Community Capital Fund

Apr 11, 2017

ACCESS Community Capital Fund is a registered charity based in Toronto that provides micro-loans of up to $5,000 for small business and professional development to people living in the GTA with low income, poor credit history or no collateral.

MiniMicroLoans up to a maximum of $1,000 Funds used to cover costs for one of the following two categories:

  • Small Business: Marketing and advertising, inventory (products or supplies) or equipment purchases e.g. flyers, vendor/booth fees, sewing machines etc.
  • Professional Development: A training program or course leading to increased employability or direct employment. Funds can be used to cover tuition costs. The training program or course must not be more than 12 months in duration, e.g. trades, apprenticeships, professional certifications etc.

Read more about Eligibility and Process

MicroLoans up to a maximum of $5,000 (for small business only)

To cover costs for small business in the start-up or expansion phase.

Marketing and advertising: website, exhibition and booth fees, banners, flyers etc.

Inventory: products or supplies

Equipment: rental or purchase

Read more about Eligibility and Process

Starter Company Plus

New Program – Starter Company Plus!

Apr 5, 2017

New Program from the BACD!

We have launched a new program, Starter Company Plus designed to provide budding entrepreneurs and existing business owners with experiential business training, skills development, mentoring and a chance to win $5000 in seed capital to help them start, grow or buy a small business. The program is for those 18 years of age or older.

The program includes training, mentoring, and the chance at grant money to start and grow your business!



Financial Education

Financial Seminars for Small Business

Mar 16, 2017

There will be Financial Education seminars held at the BACD over the next several months to help entrepreneurs and small businesses expand their knowledge on Financials as it related to their business. These sessions are free of charge and are presented by members of the CPA Association. Topics include:

  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Financial Survival for Entrepreneurs
  • Advanced Financial Statements
  • The Money Side of Business
  • Growth and Expansion
  • Maximizing your Business

To learn more about the individual sessions and to register, please visit

Digital Durham launches today!

Oct 18, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 18, 2017


A new program called Digital Durham has launched in Durham Region with the purpose of helping local businesses improve their digital presence, online marketing strategies and technologies with the goal of increasing revenue and growing their business.

Digital Durham is a partnership with the Town of Whitby and the Business Advisory Centre Durham (BACD) with a vision of assisting businesses in developing economic sustainability, competitiveness and employment growth in the region.

The program is an adaptation of the Enterprise Toronto Digital Main Street program. Businesses will complete the online Digital Assessment and receive a free ‘how to’ guide of recommendations and links to incorporate in their business.

“Our goal for this program is for businesses to better harness the power of digital marketing and ultimately to do more business online” said Teresa Shaver, Executive Direction of the BACD.  “Every business be it, main street ‘brick and mortar’ or online, needs an engaging digital presence and strategy that helps them grow and increase revenue thereby bringing jobs and wealth to the Region of Durham”.

The program also includes a directory of local digital technology and service companies to assist Durham Businesses building their digital presence.

For more details about the program, please visit the website at:

For more information contact:
Teresa Shaver
Executive Director
(905) 668-4949

Small Business Week

Oct 16, 2017

Jeff Leal, Minister Responsible for Small Business, issued the following statement today on Small Business Week:

“As the Minister Responsible for Small Business, it’s a pleasure to celebrate Small Business Week, a time to recognizing the hard work and incredible contributions of the more than 400,000 small businesses in Ontario.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, providing good jobs and opportunities for families in communities across the province. From main street storefronts that support us in our daily lives to the entrepreneurs and innovators who are creating jobs and changing the way we do business, we have much to thank small business owners for.

Ontario has one of the most vibrant small business communities in Canada, making up about 98 per cent of businesses in Ontario. That is why our government is committed to continue to work to create the right conditions for small businesses in Ontario to succeed and grow. As we celebrate Small Business Week, I encourage all Ontarians to take this opportunity to celebrate the local small business owners in their community and the many contributions that their hard work, ambition and dedication make to our province.”

Meet Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Sep 15, 2017
Every year profit 500 publishes the ranking of Canada’s 500 fastest growing companies.  They are some of the most exciting companies operating in Canada today.  Read more about their stories and insights.  I am sure there are nuggets of information that you could glean from their stories that you could incorporate in your business.

50 Over 50 Awards

Jul 27, 2017


The fastest growing segment of business start-ups in Canada are over the age of 50. It’s time to recognize their accomplishments and let Canada know what they have to offer!

Are you over 50 years old? Have you started a business as an encore career prior to or after retirement? Or did you start the business you had always wanted and finally decided to take the leap? If you have, you will be interested in applying for a 50 over 50 Award.

WISE – Seniors in Business (an initiative of Business Launch Solutions) launched the WISE inaugural 50 over 50 Awards to give a platform to leaders like you. To recognize hard-working, experienced Canadians starting their business, we will be giving awards to 50 business owners who deserve recognition for their success.

Open to Canadian residents who started their business after turning 50, nominations must be submitted by August 31. A panel of judges across North America will select 50 winning companies, and the awards will be presented in Fall 2017. Submissions will be accepted from founders of new businesses, purchasers of existing businesses and franchises, and initiators of family and intergenerational businesses – as long as the entrepreneur is a majority owner of the business and the head office is in Canada.

Information & the application form for the #50over50 awards can be found on the awards section of the WISE website.