Our Services

Services BACD offers to help Businesses Achieve Success

One-on-One Advisory Meetings

Meet with one of our experienced advisors to discuss your business challenges. By meeting you one-on-one our aim is to to help equip you with the help and guidance to take action!

Business Fundamentals Workshops

These Business Fundamentals workshops are free and are to get you working on your business roadmap - Business Planning; Marketing & Sales; Financial & Operations.

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Expert & Networking Events

Our business events are designed to help you stay informed, learn new skills and connect with other businesses in Durham Region's entrepreneurial community.

Resources for Your Business

Business Resources Library

Our resources cover start-up fundamentals, business planning, grants & funding, marketing, sales, checklists, templates and tools for you to learn from as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey.

BACD Expert Network

Our Expert Network are local service providers offering professional business services for clients to use when the need arises. They include lawyers, accountants, web developers plus many more!

Meeting Space Rentals

We have two event/meeting spaces available for full or half day rentals. Room rentals include WiFi, audio/visual equipment. We now offer a Digital Room rental for recording of videos and podcasts.

Entrepreneurial Programs

Starter Company Plus Program

Starter Company PLUS is a great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and existing business owners who are ready to start (market ready/ready to sell) to expand (hiring employees, contractors or getting a location) or buying a business in Durham Region. It includes business training, mentor sessions as well as seed funding up to $5,000 per business.

Summer Company Program

Summer Company allows you to go beyond your typical student summer job and turn your idea into a business. The program provides Ontario students ages 15-29 up to $3,000 and hands-on coaching and mentoring to help you start and operate your business.

Business Development Initiatives

Digital Durham Main Street Program

Digital Durham's program is designed to help you improve your digital presence, online marketing strategies and technologies, so you can engage new customers.

Complete the online assessment and receive a free digital ‘how to’ guide to get get your business online.

 UP Sales Talks

UP SALES TALKS is a series of practical and candid speakers sharing their journey of growth and sales strategies used to excel.They have been in the sales trenches, business frustrations, stress, challenges and obstacles, but all those challenges and frustrations lead to sales and success.

Do It In Durham Event Series

Do It In Durham is a collaborative series of events held during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in mid November. It is brought to you by local businesses and organizations who are already 'Doing it in Durham!” and who want to share their expertise and experience with other entrepreneurs in the community.

Other Services


We can help you register your Sole Proprietorship or Partnerships. We can walk you through the steps to registering successfully. For Incorporation we recommend speaking with a lawyer.


We can help you by reviewing your business plans, helping you to strategize your marketing & sales, assist in organizing your operations and financials, and more!


I had the pleasure of meeting Teresa Shaver yesterday to discuss next steps in growing my business.  This was the best, most informative hour I have spent to date!  Teresa provided me a wealth of information, websites, contacts, spaces available for rental, workshop ideas to get me going.  It was a pleasure and time WELL SPENT!  I look forward to our next meeting!  Thank you!

-Beth Smith, SNS Training Services