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5 Tips for Creating Social Video Content

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Looking for ways to boost your brand recognition? If so, social video content is an effective way to attract customers on a large scale. It is what appeals to modern customers because they’re entertaining, engaging and easy to digest. So, here are five tips for creating social video content.

 1. Use vertical videos

Many businesses are using social media stories as their main marketing tool to promote their brand. A lot of social videos are projected vertically. Examples of vertical video platforms are Instagram, IGTV or Facebook. Today, 71% of Instagram users follow businesses. So, it’s safe to say that vertical videos are quite effective.

2. Netflix your videos (Serial content)

The term “Netflixing” your videos simply means posting a series of your videos on your preferred social platform(s). This way, your customers won’t miss out on any of the videos you post. On Instagram, there is a section where all your IGTV videos are placed. When posting a story, you could save it as highlight, which will appear on your profile page. Another platform good for serial content is YouTube series, where you can increase your brand recognition by encouraging viewers to subscribe to you.

 3. Caption your videos

85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off, and 39% of online viewers watch videos with subtitles. So, it’s best to provide subtitles so that your audience can receive the message from the video. Here are some video captions tools you could use to add subtitles to your video.

 4. Create a Pinterest ad

Pinterest ads are interactive and fun and can reach a massive number of people by only adding keywords on the pins. In fact, Pinterest is a very effective social platform because it drives more customers to shopping sites than other social platforms do. 54% of Pinterest users say that Pinterest ads inspires them more than other websites. Pinterest is also good to use for your brand because it provides analytics and a user database.

 5. Create engaging social video

Trying to come up with an engaging social video can be difficult. Sometimes, you may run out of ideas. For inspiration, have a look at other social videos and see what works.  Use video editing templates, it’s less time consuming and can bring results. Here are some video editing tools you could use:

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