Ashley McBride

Ashley McBride, Program Administrator, Summer Company & Starter Company

Ashley McBride joined BACD in January 2016 as the Program Coordinator for the Summer Company and assists with the Starter Company Plus Program. Ashley loves working with students, and watching their businesses grow throughout the program. Ashley has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a post-graduate certificate in Human Resources Management and a professional development certificate in Digital Marketing.

In addition to being the Summer Company Coordinator, Ashley is the person behind Client Services making sure your questions and needs are met! Ashley loves to get creative, therefore she works at creating/scheduling content for BACD’s social media. Lastly, Ashley is responsible for coordinating events at BACD. Her thoroughness and attention to detail helps make sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys reading, running and traveling.

905-668-4949 x226