Become A Mentor

Many successful business people cite early mentors as an important factor in their success. You can probably think of a mentor who changed your life by sharing his or her wisdom or experience.

As a Mentor, you will offer guidance and support, while the young entrepreneur assumes the work and ultimate responsibility for the business.  With your mentoring, they have a better understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur, develop some business acumen and self-confidence that will serve them in every area of their life, now and in the future.

The mentoring relationship is a special one that empowers the young entrepreneur and enriches the mentor. By volunteering to become a Mentor, you will be playing a vital role in the life of a young businessperson.

General Process for Mentors

Step 1: Review Eligibility Requirements

Step 2: Submit a Mentor Application

Step 3: A BACD Representative will contact you to schedule an interview

Step 4: If accepted, you will be asked to sign a Mentor Agreement

Step 5: Your profile will be posted on our Mentor Network Profiles page and interested Mentees will submit a Mentee Application to your email (the one you provided in your initial Mentor Application).

Step 6: It will be up to you to reach out to the interested Mentee to accept or reject the mentor relationship and to set up meeting schedules and so on.


Become a BACD Mentor

Mentor Eligibility

  1. Must be a Durham Region based Business Owner or Employee for a Durham Region based Business
  2. Must have been in business for a minimum of 5 years
  3. Must be willing to commit to a minimum 6 month commitment with Mentee
  4. Must be willing to meet Mentee in person, and/or speak over the phone/computer.