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Summer Company

The Remarkable Project

Using clothing, we want to spread the word on how remarkable everyone is, in matter the colour of your skin, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. Using our clothes, we hope to bring awareness to social justice issues including gender equality, lgbtq awareness, environmental issues, and so much more. Each collection donates a portion of sales to a designated charity. We believe in living the Remarkable Life!!

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Ohso Star

I’ve always had a passion for hair, as a little girl I would experiment with hairstyles on myself and I would always admire my Fathers work as he is a hairstylist as well. I decided to start my hair business because, « why not make a living doing something I love to do! » I love working with all textures of hair and love making my clients happy. I am a strong believer in the client consultation rule to insure that the work I do suits my clients desires and lifestyle.

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Crispy Cuts

Growing up I’ve always been surrounded by family members that did barbering and hairstyling and I always found it interesting. Eventually I picked up some tips and tricks and began cutting family and friends hair. Being a barber I am able to manage my own time and make good money, my dedication and passion for this trade is always expressed through my clients hair at the end of the Crispy Cut.

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Alex’s Swim School

My name is Alex, I’ve been doing lifeguarding and swimming instructing for almost 3 years now, what inspired me to start this business was working at my old job, I would see many kids in swimming lessons that never got the swimming IQ they deserved. So, I decided to do an only private and semi-private lesson program in my backyard, giving the chance to loads of kids to learn and progress their swimming. Also, I’ve been inspired by business my whole life, so I thought this would be a great way to learn how to run and manage my own business. CALL OR TEXT 905-999-1046 or visit my website at for more information!

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3eehive is an apparel company that is designed to help educate on the extinction rate of bees and their importance to us. Not only do we want to keep your apparel product environment safe, we want to keep it bee-safe. I was inspired to start this business due to my previous work in social causes. I have spent my time working on projects that tackle needs such as financial literacy, mental wellness, woman empowerment, etc. My work in these fields has made me conscious of those around us and has inspired me to begin a new venture focusing on saving the bees. 3eehive offers bee friendly apparel and with every purchase comes seed paper to expand the bees habitat. We will also be providing education for the youth.

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Brooklin Tutoring Company

Emma Lord started the Brooklin Tutoring Company to expand her tutoring business. After helping her brother with his homework, she saw his excitement when he understood the concepts he had previous struggled with. Emma loved seeing how positive of an impact her help made on his confidence. This inspired her to start tutoring with the goal of giving students more confidence in their academic abilities in a supportive environment. Emma wants all students to be excited about learning and see their full potential.

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Whale Window Wash

What inspired me to start a business was the unfulfilled feelings I had while working jobs that limited my abilities and stole my summers. I never liked the mindset of wanting time to go by faster when working an hourly job, I dreamed of more satisfying ways of paying for school. What brought me to the idea of Whale Window Wash was noticing what service was lacking in my hometown, I’ve seen companies thriving in other areas, so why wouldn’t it work here? I decided to take the theories I’ve been learning in business school and try and learn the practicalities this summer, while also learning things school just can’t teach you. I love the freedom of being your own boss, the summer days outside, and the gratification that comes from cleaning those dirty windows.

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