173 Brock St N, Unit 100, Whitby, ON


Abralin & Sharmaine Tiaga

Founders of Medicstox

As the first exclusive uniform and accessories retail store in Durham, Medicstox’s missing is to “be a one-stop shop that carries high quality, stylish, exciting and fashionable brands”. Since 2007, they have done just that.

Where did the idea to start Medicstox come from?

The idea for this business started through Sharmaine working in the medical industry and wearing scrubs that did not reflect her own style and were of poor quality.  Finding good quality scrubs that did not look like pyjamas or worse made her feel frumpy was a chore, either driving into Toronto and beyond or buying them online at premium prices.

We started with the belief that the Uniform Retail sector really needs to stand out locally, to be unique, and THE place to go to for uniforms.  We wanted to make it easy for our clients to get the uniforms they wanted.  We hand select each style and offer curated selections so that client’s individuality is valued.   It’s about learning our client’s styles and needs and building great relationships with them!

What is important for people to know about your business?

Having uniforms available locally, makes it easy for you to buy online or in store at fair prices.  There is a large selection and they are affordable for all.

We cater to all industries using uniforms such as health care professionals, chefs, dental/vet clinics, therapists, salons, cleaning services and medical students.We are able to offer you the same high-quality product as other big-box brands, but at a much lower prices.  Why? Well, we offer exclusive deals and updates to our social media community.  Please find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and not only you save money but be part of our family.

How did BACD help you?

When we were starting the business, we attended workshops at BACD and we have learned a lot. From developing our social media presence to tips and tricks on how to maximize them. The knowledge we got from our fellow business owners, their experiences and successes have also given us knowledge on how we could make our own thrive. But most of all, the help and guidance of the staff at BACD was a tremendous help with steps that guide us along the way from first opening our small store to moving up to a bigger store and the in-betweens like where to get practical yet professional looking store fixtures and furnitures and how to improve traffic to the store and online.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

Seek out a mentor and work with them because they know the industry and don’t be discouraged with the slow growth as long as you have a plan. And always remember the “why” behind your business and get back up every time you fall.