Parveen Mir


MIR Psychometric Solutions is an innovative centre which gives parents an alternative to long wait lists and costly testing. I am a trained Bilingual Psychometrist offering several levels of services such as testing for:

ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety, Handwriting Assessments, Depression, Gifted Testing, Academic Assessment, Screening options, Working Memory Brain Training Program, Coaching on Emotional Intelligence, Facilitate Workshops on, Mental Health, Private School Trainer for Special Needs, Introducing Play Therapy.

I also offer tutoring solutions, coaching and counselling on strategies for learning and controlling Anxiety.  Certified as an Emotional Intelligence coach I take pleasure in teaching our youth how to become ‘street smart’ along with being ‘book smart’.

As a mother of 3 and an 8-year old with special needs I experienced the struggle of finding answers and the right resources.  This can be exhausting and at times lonely.  I have been on the other side and can understand the difficulties parents face when trying to advocate for their kids.  You are not alone call us today for a complimentary phone consult.