Jill Konrath is one of the sales gurus I love to read about.  Her advice is practical, no nonsense and gets right to the point.  One of the topics I often talk about is “Following Up”.  

So much potential business is left on the table because we don’t follow up.  If you looked at the cost of an average sale and then looked over to the stack of business cards, how much business have you potentially not followed up on?  Following up closes the loop on all the networking, business meetings and events you have gone to for your business sake.  You have invested significant time, effort and money to just leave potential revenue on the table.

Whether we admit to it or not, the reason why these deals fall apart consists of many factors including a poor follow-up. If you want to close all your deals, this has some tips that can help you out. For the full article, you can click here.

This is a great article on sales written by Jill Konrath who has helped companies like IBM, GE, Microsoft, Staples and numerous firms with their marketing and sales strategies. This is a very short read filled with many insightful ideas. Did you know that 60% of forecasted deals fail to close.