This month we are proud to have guest speakers Sana Virji & Ribat Chowdhury, Founders of Ribitt. If you want to be inspired then join us on February 20th, at the Whitby Centennial Building to hear this amazing entrepreneurial journey. Click to register

Ribat and Sana started their journey with $5 and 5 days as part of a entrepreneurship challenge. It gave them an idea to take their love of local and build a hyper-local marketplace for neighbourhood shops. Every marketplace has the classic chicken and egg problem. Which side to you sell to first and how do you get one side to buy in and stay till you build the masses on the other?

Join us you hear how entrepreneurs Sana Virji & Ribat Chowdhury took $5 and broke the national record for the most money ever made in the challenge’s history. Hear the story of their grit and passion as they turned their idea into a fledgling startup that is now valued in the millions. They are selling every moment: To customers, investors, employees. And in this session, they will share their unique approach to sales of building a two sided marketplace and how it’s gotten them so far. Learn how to build demand and supply in a market, no matter what product or service you offer.

Ribitt’s mobile app you can earn cash rewards at neighbourhood shops around you. Get points on purchases you already make; from your morning coffee, afternoon lunch to list of Christmas gifts. Best of all, you can redeem your collected points at any local shop for anything you want. For more information visit:

Up Sales Talks. A series of practical and candid sales talks by experts in the trenches.
February 20th
8am – 9:30am
Whitby Centennial Building, 416 Centre, Street, Whitby

Free. Registration required. REGISTER NOW