Elevate Acceleration

What is the Elevate Acceleration Program?

Elevate is an acceleration program to help existing businesses grow to the next level and in doing so, create new jobs. The Program is available to existing businesses in Durham with annual revenue of at least $200k.

How can it help you?

Many businesses have the potential for growth, but often face the problem of not having the time, expertise or resources to make it happen. Elevate Acceleration is the solution for such companies, as it provides experienced business people to help you realize your growth potential. Think of it as having a seasoned management team as part of your organizational team.

Think your company can grow

Take the first step and apply now!

We can help by:

  • Providing business expertise to help you validate the viability of your ideas and scope out the path to growth
  • Working with you to determine the steps and resources needed at each stage of growth and capital needed
  • Once a Pathway is mapped, we can provide ongoing advice and help you access specific resources & funding

To learn more about the program, contact Teresa Shaver, Executive Director BACD, (905) 668-4949

Get started now!

Simply provide us some basic information about your company and a brief outline of how you believe it can grow. We will then arrange to meet with you to review all aspects of your ideas and determine how we might help.

There is no cost to apply and no obligation. If there is mutual acceptance following an initial meeting, a one-time administration fee of $300 is applied.

The current economic climate is increasing pressure on small businesses resulting in a need for help from new and existing businesses. We surveyed our existing clients, other businesses, and the community, and found that many businesses would like more support, advice, guidance and education.

The statistics from Industry Canada shows survival rates for all Canadian SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) with 1-499 employees, micro-enterprises (1-4 employees) and other small enterprises (5-99 employees). The rates represent the percentage of firms that have survived until 2009 and were created one to two years prior to that. Of SMEs that entered the marketplace in 2008, 80% survived for one year. Other small enterprises have a higher one-year survival rate (85%) than micro-enterprises (79%).

Only 72% of SMEs that entered the marketplace in 2007 survived for two years. The lower survival rate is mostly due to the micro-enterprise survival rate falling to 68%, while the survival rate for other small businesses remained steady at 86%. Reference this report at: Industry Canada - Key Small Business Statistics for more information.