Computer Showing a Website Image

In today’s competitive and noisy world, you have to consider more than just the design of your website when building it.  The user’s or customer journey is really paramount to the success of your website.  The functionality and user experience is what is important to you converting customers on your website.

In this article, John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing walks you through the 16 must have homepage elements so that your website can make sales for you and not be a pretty website.

The reason you build a website is to be found, to build trust, to educate your customers and prospects, to inform them on how you solve their problems and to nurture their interest before they convert to becoming customers.  Your own website is also important as it is the ONLY digital asset you own. Your content on Social Media Platforms is owned by those platforms.  Your website is THE place for you to have your content and it needs to work for you. To be functional for you and your customer.

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