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Have you ever wondered how businesses manage to consistently post on social media and effectively?

Here’s a secret: they use tools to help them streamline their social media initiatives which helps them SAVE time on posting.

During this workshop, we will review helpful strategies and tools you can use to streamline your social media marketing objectives. We will provide a detailed tutorial on tools you can use for your:

  • social media planning
  • social media content creation
  • social media scheduling

You will leave this event having learned:

  • How to successfully manage your social media marketing initiatives from start to finish
  • Helpful tools to help you with your content planning, content creation and scheduling
  • Content ideas and tips to keep in mind throughout your social media marketing

About The Presenter:

DRPR (Daisy Raudales Public Relations) is a public relations and digital marketing agency located in the Durham Region in Ontario, Canada. They provide services in public relations, social media marketing and branding, to help both small and start-up businesses build, upscale and grow their brand presence while making a positive online impact.

Daisy Raudales is a PR & Social Media Specialist and the Founder of DRPR. With her vibrant, enthusiastic and friendly personality she is passionate about helping business owners upscale while teaching them the skills required to become successful in their online marketing.

Do It In Durham

Now in its 9th year, ‘Do It In Durham’ is a major part of the Durham Region business calendar. It is our collaborative series of events held during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). It is brought to you by local businesses and organizations who are already ‘Doing it in Durham!” Global Entrepreneurship Week is where we celebrate the job creators, innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses GLOBALLY in over 170 countries.