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Everyone knows, “systems” save time, effort and money. Let me introduce you to the entire framework of a referral eco-system™ .

Who has time to spin their wheels with networking events that don’t end with anything productive? Referrals aren’t coming your way like you’d expected and some people just “don’t get you”. Does the thought of connecting with a whole bunch of people, leave you feeling exhausted before you even get to the event?

In this 40-45 minute presentation, I will lay out the entire six-element framework that makes up the Referral Eco-system™. You will leave this session with all the pieces of the puzzle and you can decide where to start.

I’ll give suggestions on where to begin in each of the six elements and why. You’ll see all of the sub-sections that make up each element.

You’ll finish the session with a complete framework of all the things you need to do to build your customized referral generating machine.