Organize and streamline your business with project management tools

For you it may be that you want to know the stage different client projects are at, or you want to set up content workflows, or you want to organize your own content creation and automate some of the work and milestones you need to track. In this session we will cover the following tools: Asana, Click Up, Trello, Zapier and Notion.


Getting Funding and Financing

In this session, you will hear from different organizations about what type of funding/programs they offer for small business owners.


BACD Business Fundamentals: Marketing & Sales

This session will help you create a marketing plan that targets your ideal customer and help you identify the marketing tactics and sales channels for your business.


BACD Start Up Session

This session covers the essential steps to starting a small business including registering a business name, licenses & permits, HST, business banking, insurance and hiring employees.