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Dan Beresford

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I am a writer. I started telling stories before I started school. I studied the masters, read thousands of books and have written thousands of projects. I have an unconventional background; left home at seventeen and joined the navy, survived the heartache of marital breakdown, had a promising career destroyed by injury, made mistakes and had huge successes. I have seen sights that left me breathless and others that left me heartbroken. I have been an electrician, a salesperson, managed sales teams, been corporate and been self-employed.

What does this mean when you are looking for a writer? I have life experience and an understanding of people. When I write for you I take the time to understand how your products or services benefit your customers. I take the time to understand your customers. I produce content that tells your story so that your prospects take action.




Kay Kierstead

Kays Digital Quill

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When it comes to explaining your business in writing, do you feel like you’re in a pressure cooker, pushed to the limit, and on the verge of panic and despair? Do you have a writing assignment, the deadline of which looms closer, and you just don’t know where to start? Do your social media postings and news clips need regular updating so you can stay in touch with your connections and there just isn’t time enough? There is help for you!

Kay’s Digital Quill (KDQ) has a full range of web and graphic skills to provide solutions to your communication dilemmas, from business cards to postcard ads, brochures, and annual reports. KDQ also develops social media communication plans guaranteed to eliminate random, last-minute-out-of-desperation posts. KDQ works hard in harmony with you to bring your project together to satisfaction. So the next time you feel the pressure of insurmountable tasks building up, just contact Kay’s Digital Quill. We’ll get it just “write” for you.

Services: Writing Services, Website content design, Copy Editing & Writing