Mitchell & Whale Insurance

Guest Presenter was local business owner Adam Mitchell, President of Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers.

Adam is the 3rd generation Mitchell and took over the family brokerage in 2009. Adam will shared his story of how he has grown the business organically over 1000%, while still maintaining a strong retention of existing customers. Last year the brokerage grew 46%, and is currently growing at $1 million net new premium every 51 days. Since 2009 he has taken the company from $2.5M in $25M in sales organically by using data based decisions.

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More Details about Adam
Adam is forward thinking, ambitious and fearless, willing to take risks that traditional brokers might not. Adam moves leaps and bounds ahead where technology is concerned embracing new technologies to enhance his team’s ability to communicate with clients the way they want and ensure strong customer satisfaction.

Adam’s strong leadership skills and bold moves get him recognized across the industry. Adam was named as one of IBC’s Young Guns 3 years in a row, named one of the Top 10 Brokerages for the last 3 years and Top 10 Elite Broker in Canada, and won IBAO’s Innovator of the year in 2016 and this year being recognized as first runner up for the Insurance Canada Technology Awards.

About Mitchell & Whale: Innovative and dynamic, Mitchell & Whale offers their clients a forward-thinking approach to purchasing insurance products, which is backed by expertise gained over 70 years. Using technology & modern business practices, they provide the best customer experience to clients across Ontario.

Their award-winning team works to drive Mitchell & Whale toward a stronger future in the insurance industry, while successfully retaining the family values upon which the business was built–where customers come first and are always considered a part of the family.