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Want to know how to sell more of the product or service you sell? Then join us to hear April’s Up Sales guest speaker, Jeff Ross, Co-Founder of Dimples.

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Whether you sell B2B or B2C, online or off, Jeff Ross, Co-Founder of the Dimples brand of personalized jewellery has been through it all. Jeff was instrumental in growing the distribution of the brand from 1 to 70+ points of sale across Canada within two years. He raised the bar by developing an innovative interactive sales kiosk which he rolled out to 20+ retail points of sale within 6 months of launch. And, when he saw the “retail apocalypse” approaching, he had the foresight and courage to undertake a dramatic pivot that transitioned the brand to a direct to consumer online business model. Dimples products are now sold worldwide online at dimplescharms.com.

Jeff believes there is a way to “Sell your way out” of virtually any business problem. Armed with the knowledge he will share and a little courage and persistence you too can get from wherever you are to wherever you want to be sooner than you might think.

Jeff’s Bio

Jeff Ross is the Co-Founder, and Director of Business Development, of Dimples. Dimples is a leading brand of personalized jewellery hand made in Canada and sold globally online. The Dimples brand was built on the fundamental truth that life is a collection of remarkable moments shared with the ones we love. Each of these moments leaves a unique mark on your life, a dimple if you will. Dimples is on a mission to help people capture life’s fleeting moments and turn them into lasting memories.

Since its inception, Jeff has occupied a myriad of roles at Dimples. He has designed and developed products and packaging, innovated new materials, received numerous National Research Council Grants, and helped to develop the brand identity. However, the role he is most proud and passionate about is the one he has played in sales and scaling the brand globally. His creative and analytical approach to problem solving has enabled Dimples to weather the storm of some dramatic business challenges. Jeff is eager to share his most successful strategies with you.