Local is the direction the world is going. Consumers look for locally produced clothing, locally roasted coffee, locally grown produce, local service providers, locally made products, and so much more.

In this session you will hear from Jeff Talmey, co-founder of Town Brewery on how they are building their brand by brewing high quality products, paying attention to detail, and focusing on local. He’ll walk through the challenges, the successes and the mistakes they’ve made in their very short journey thus far and will share invaluable learnings in stepping away from comfort and betting on the vision of a new venture.

Jeff will also share his experience as a sales professional in the brewing and alcohol industries, the importance of building relationships no matter wat business you are in, and what it takes to be a top performer- so you can apply it your sales strategy and feel the impact of growth right away.

If you want to learn about the ups and downs of business, find out how to delight your customers, while taking them on a sales journey, and understand why brand is such an important part of any sales growth strategy, then this is an Up Sales Talk session you don’t want to miss.