Want to leapfrog the success of your business?  Connect with an experienced Mentor

WHAT IS MENTORING  - Provides mentees with a seasoned professional to share experiences and to attain advice in regards to professional growth and development.

The BACD Mentor Network offers businesses an opportunity to connect with a mentor for a six month engagement.  We have a network for Mentors who have indicated that they would like to offer their expertise, knowledge and time to local businesses.  Our Mentors have been in their own businesses for a minimum of 5 years.

Please review the Eligibility Requirements and General Processes below.

Mentee Eligibility

  1. Open to individuals and businesses located in the Durham Region ONLY.
  2. Mentees must be 18+
  3. Mentee must have already started their business. If you seek start-up help, you can utilize BACD core offerings prior to seeking a mentor.


STEP 1: Review Eligibility Criteria

STEP 2: Read and Review the Agreement below. In order to proceed, we require you accept the terms of the agreement

STEP 3: By clicking Accept, you will then be directed to the available Mentor Profiles

STEP 4: Read through each profile to see who would be the best fit for you

STEP 5: Complete the application within the Mentor Page and submit to the desired Mentor

STEP 6: The Mentor will be notified and reach out to you within 2 weeks to discuss next steps



A knowledgable and experienced professional in a particular field or industry with enough skill an knowledge to provide valuable insight and advice

Benefits of being a Mentor:

  • Satisfaction in knowing you can impart your wisdom on someone entering a similar path to yours
  • Further develop leadership skills
  • Expanding your professional network
  • Opportunity to reflect on your own business practices and potential for new and fresh insight
  • and more


Someone who seeks training, counselling, and/or advice from an expert in the field and who has valuable insights which would help in professional development.

Benefits to Mentees:

  • The opportunity to 'pick the brain' of someone who has been there, done that and learned valuable lessons along the way
  • Chance to network with business professionals
  • Get a fresh new perspective from someone outside of your business (an objective opinion)
  • Potential to make strategic business relationships/connections
  • Personalized one-on-one development for you and your business
  • Opportunity to learn new skills
  • and more