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I recently attended the ASBDC Conference (American Small Business Development Centres) in Nashville Tennessee.  It was 4 full days of workshops and keynotes from 8am – 6pm!  We came back with so much information and many new connections.

One day was meeting with the Sister Centres of North America’s Network – Canada, The Caribbean, South America, Central America and North America.  I met with Belize, El Salvador, Chile, Mexico, Barbados to name a few!  The goal of this network day is to connect with these centres who are supporting entrepreneurs just like us.  Some are newer than us and we are able to share our resources and systems we use to work with our clients – it helps them so that they do not have to reinvent the wheel!  It is gratifying to be able to help them and to work together to help each other’s clients.  Their clients would love to sell to Canadians and our clients would love to sell to them too.  We established some good networks to start paving the way for these exchanges to happen.  We are even considering the possibility of having some of the centres come here for job shadowing and networking. Think of how fun that will be!

The other days were workshops for business advisors to increase their knowledge and to learn from keynote speakers.  Just like you, we need to keep abreast of all the changes in business and give you our best service and knowledge.

The first keynote was Dan Thurmon. His message, live life off balance – on purpose!  Try different things, step outside your comfort zone and take a challenge.  As business owners, I would say that you do this everyday and continue to do so.

Our second keynote was John Acuff – he was funny and engaging and his message was to FINISH.  We are very good at starting but not always in finishing and that not finishing leaves little thoughts in us about not finishing. More info here at this link

Other great tidbits of info:

Google Products and Services for business owners:

Give customers confidence that you’re a professional business by replacing the “” with your own branded domain. Use Google Adwords Express to find your next customer and a new product on its way for Home Service Ads which puts trustworthy local service professionals like house cleaners, locksmiths and plumbers in front of people looking for your services.

Facebook: Blueprint

Running a small business isn’t simple, Facebook provides some excellent training and resources to help companies achieve their goals on Facebook.  They have free learning at Facebook Blueprint eLearning, a program that walks you through Facebook and Instagram’s marketing tools and services.  There are over 80 free courses.

Growth Wheel:

Business Advisory Software, staying up to date with the platform changes.  This is a phenomenal framework we use to consult with our clients – let us know if you’d like to take it for a testdrive!

BizBuySell: Helping our clients buy or sell a business – connect with us for more information.

Website Audits – how to help clients create the best possible website – book yours now!

And much more like, online marketing, financial ratios etc!

We are here to help you have a successful and thriving business.  Connect with us if you’d like to book an appointment! or 905.668.4949