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Lucy Shenouda, PCC

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FosterEssence Inc.

Founded June 2010, FosterEssence provides consultative needs assessments for customized leadership training and professional coaching solutions. We identify your unique people, process and business gaps. Our mission is to foster focused change conversations that break through complacency and lead to innovative solutions and consistent measurable change. Informed by twenty-five years of lived experience as a marketing and team leader, our needs assessments ensure we provide specialized solutions for personal, team and business leadership. We ask strategic questions and ensure ownership and accountability are at the forefront.

Contact Lucy Shenouda to help you and your team:

  1. Minimize busy work and distractions that lead to lost opportunities
  2. Pinpoint specific business growth drivers at each stage of the buying cycle
  3. Apply consumer-targeted strategies to drive your business forward

Our Motto: Spark the Leader Within. Shift from First Impulse to Best Instinct™

Specializing in: Professional Training & Coaching, Marketing Strategy, Planning & Brand Books, Stress Management & Resilient Leadership

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