Angelique Benois


Nurturing Our Wellbeing

Angelique Benois has over 18 years of nursing experience. She holds a degree in Psychology, a Master’s of Science in Nursing and completed her Nurse Practitioner degree, specializing in mental health. Angelique is certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada to provide education on Mental Health First Aid. She has also completed her Mental Health at Work Leadership certificate from Queen’s University and Morneau-Shepell.

Trained as a Yoga Instructor Angelique combines her extensive mental health clinical background with her yoga expertise through her business titled: Nurturing Our Wellbeing (N.O.W) where she offers integrated workplace self-care workshops & webinars. Angelique is trained in Mindfulness Stress Reduction Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and various forms of breathwork. Angelique is ready to customize your next workplace mental wellness initiative with you.

Please feel free to book your complimentary discovery call. Book at:

Services include:

  • Emotional & Mental Health Webinars, Workshops & Seminars
  • Interactive Lunch & Learns packages
  • Workplace Mental Wellness Consultation
  • Self-Care & Wellness Promotion/Workplace Campaigns
  • Customized Sustainable Mind-Body Guided Practices
  • Mental Health & Wellness Presentations/Speaking Engagements
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