A recent interesting article from our ONE Network partner, MaRs speaks about the process of scaling your business and the approach founders take to growthing their business.

Growth marketing isn’t magic, however, it requires the right  mindset.  As Einstein’s famous quote says: If you want the same results, keep doing what you have always done.  It’s important to remember it’s about your customers – they make your business.

MaRS ran a Grow Camp program for businesses who wanted to become those international unicorns.  The takeaways from the founders were:

  1. Iterate, alight and shoot for the stars
    1. Growth is about value that you bring to customers – what and where can you improve. Ideas:  look at your sales funnel to see where customers drop off, test each step and never stop doing this. Make this part of your processes and continue to understand why and make changes as you go.
  2. It’s all in the customers’ hands
    1. The power is in the customers hands, focus on your customers.  People want to belong to a tribe, make sure your company’s mission aligns with your target market.
  3. Be your own customer
    1. Understand who your customer is, may be different for when you grow as to when you first started.  Always be curious about your customer and their needs.  Create personas for each type of customer you have, follow them through the funnel and use your own products and services.

Read the full article with resources here