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In this episode, Teresa Shaver from the Business Advisory Centre Durham talks to BACD Expert Member and Presenter: Orzala Quddusi, Social Media Strategist and Owner of Make it Happen Online. In this interview, Orzala talks about the motives behind starting her business, how she conducts her social media assessment and other services as well tips and tricks for your next networking event.  Orzala also talks about how your mindset determines the ultimate success of your entrepreneurial journey.

Make It Happen Online offers full Social Media Management Services to business locally and online.  Orzala also delivers keynote presentations, training, coaching and workshops for businesses and entrepreneurs in Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Email Marketing.

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Website: https://makeit-happen.online/
Phone: (416) 826 4620
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MakeItHappenServices