Start a Business

Thinking about starting your own business, but not sure where to start?
Well, you have come to the right place!

As you think about starting a business, you will have so many questions. BACD is here to guide you every step of the way. We offer free workshops and resources to help you navigate through the essential steps required to turn their start up idea into a profitable business. Getting an understanding of the basic fundamentals will help you make decisions and take actions ultimately saving you time running your business, help you make more money and give you confidence to build a successful business.

Where to start?

BACD can help you take those first steps to Starting a Business 

  • Attend the BACD Start Up Session Workshop. We run this workshop weekly and is free to attend. This 1 1/2 session covers the essential steps to starting a small business including registering a business name, licenses & permits, HST, business banking, insurance and hiring employees. Register for a workshop
  • Check out our Business FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to see if your question is here.

Validate your Business Idea

  • Conduct Primary & Secondary Market Research to see if your business is viable, are there customers looking for your services, how much will they pay and are there enough customers looking for that service to keep your in business for a long time.

Plan your Business

  • Attend the BACD Business Fundamentals: Business Planning Workshop. In this 2 hour session, you will learn why having a good business plan is a solid foundation for a successful business.  It’s your roadmap and guides you to reach the milestones you have set. Register for a workshop
  • Visit our Business Planning page to find templates and links to useful webpage to help you plan your business roadmap.

Develop a Marketing and Sales Plan for your Business

  • Attend the BACD Business Fundamentals: Marketing & Sales Workshop.  This session will help you create a marketing plan that targets your ideal customer and help you identify the marketing tactics and sales channels for your business. Register for a workshop
  • Visit the Marketing and Sales page in the Resources section for articles, useful information and templates to help you create a Marketing and Sales plan for your business.

Develop your Business Operations and get an understanding of your Business Finances

  • Attend the BACD Business Fundamentals: Financials & Operations.  This session will help you take better control of your business by understanding the accounting basics. We will also discuss why developing operational strategies create help you make more money. Register for a workshop
  • Visit the Business FAQs page in the Resources section to get information about business regulations, insurance, business recording keeping, expenses and human resources.

Check out our Resources section on this website, as you will find many answers to your start up questions.

  • We have many business resources, checklists, templates and tools for you to learn from as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey. Resources

What next?

Book a Meeting with a BACD Business Advisor

Click image to download the BACD Start Up Checklist


The consulting services are so valuable. I truly value the direction and information received. It has helped to think through things and not just run into it.

Debbie H

BACD has valuable resources about business, and has been very helpful in information sessions with needed knowledge and information about community resources and things to consider in business research and marketing.

Sherri B

BACD Client Process

ATTEND: BACD Start Up Session

The Start-up session is a free 1.5 hour seminar that covers the fundamentals to starting a business and provides you with a checklist and steps to getting started.

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MEET: With a BACD Business Advisor

Once all your business ideas are organized, meet with an advisor to discuss your business needs one-on-one and learn how to take action.

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START: Your Business Roadmap

The Business Roadmap is a template that helps organize your business idea by allowing you to outline your business idea, customer segments, value propositions, customer relationships, and more.

ATTEND: BACD Business Fundamentals

A three part series that builds on the foundations of your business. Topics are: - Business Planning; Marketing & Sales; and Financials & Operations.

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