Start a Business

Start A Business!

Thinking about starting your own Business? We can help!

We offer a variety of services and resources that will not only help you get started, but help you grow.

Where to start?

  1. Before starting your business –  Here are some questions you need to start asking yourself. What kind of business do I want? Is it just going to be me who is going to be running the business? Are people going to buy my products or services? Am I going to employ others? Am I ready? Of course, each business is different, however the fundamentals are the same. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you get ready to start a business. Click here to answer these questions and find out more.
  2. Start Up Session Workshop – This is a great place to start when you are exploring the idea of entrepreneurship. This seminar held by BACD is a start up checklist. We discuss is your business idea and if it is feasible as well as the steps to consider to get your business up and running - registering a business; business structure; licences and permits; Tax, HST, business insurance and business banking. We hold these seminars weekly to accommodate busy schedules, find our next session on our Event Calendar!
  3. Business Plan – Every business starts with thorough research and planning. We’ll provide you with checklists, templates and consultations to guide you through this important process. Business Plans are essential to a business and are sometimes required when securing a bank loan. Click here for tips and templates.
  4. Resource Library – We have many business resources, checklists, templates and tools for you to learn from as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, find them here
Start your Business with BACD

Benefits of being an Entrepreneur!

    • Be your own boss
    • Have a flexible schedule
    • Control your financial future
    • Do what you love to do

BACD Client Process

ATTEND: BACD Start Up Session

The Start-up session is a free 1.5 hour seminar that covers the fundamentals to starting a business and provides you with a checklist and steps to getting started.

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MEET: With a BACD Business Advisor

Once all your business ideas are organized, meet with an advisor to discuss your business needs one-on-one and learn how to take action.

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START: Your Business Roadmap

The Business Roadmap is a template that helps organize your business idea by allowing you to outline your business idea, customer segments, value propositions, customer relationships, and more.

ATTEND: BACD Business Fundamentals

A three part series that builds on the foundations of your business. Topics are: - Business Planning; Marketing & Sales; and Financials & Operations.

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The consulting services are so valuable. I truly value the direction and information received. It has helped to think through things and not just run into it.

Debbie H

BACD has valuable resources about business, and has been very helpful in information sessions with needed knowledge and information about community resources and things to consider in business research and marketing.

Sherri B