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As part of the Durham Region Economic Development Task Force we hosted a webinar on  “Turning the New ‘Normal’ Into a Big Win!”  

The webinar was presented by BACD Client, Durham Recruiting/Durham HR Solutions.  The session was relevant and informative as we all navigate the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and returning to a “new normal”.

It’s fair to say that your company’s brand image and your personal brand image will be impacted by the actions you take or don’t take during this period.

Society is hyper-aware, hyper-sensitive and hyper-reactive and you have to make every effort to make a good first impression.

Use this opportunity to re-engage with your team and to enhance, improve and pivot your culture.  Employee engagement is not about making employees happy. it’s about gaining their emotional commitment to the company and its goals and the new normal can be that rallying cry to bring your team together.

The first step is to develop your return to work plan and get your employees to buy into it.  This first stage is the most critical because it gives you an incredibly rare opportunity to bring the team together.  Get as many of your staff involved in the development of your policies for return to work, get their feedback and show flexibility to make changes to the recommendations.  Most importantly show them that you care!

To read more about what to do next, check out the resources listed below:

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Additional Support:

  1. Durham HR Solutions will provide you with our HR-On-Call service free for the next 30 days. They are here to answer questions, provide advice, or be a sounding board to help make informed HR decisions during these ever-changing and fluid times.  Please contact Andrea Bisenberger, HR Director, at andrea@durhamhrsolutions.ca or by phone at 905-259-0940.  You can also visit us online at www.durhamhrsolutions.ca and connect with us on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/durhamhrsolutions.
  2. Durham Recruiting will provide advice on how to write a powerful job ad that tells your story to target the candidates that fit your culture and brand. Upon request, Durham Recruiting will share with you a mini ‘how to’ deck as a reference tool for you.  Please contact Dustin Kellow, CEO, at dustin@durhamrecruiting.ca or by phone at 905-259-5224. You can also visit us online at www.durhamrecruiting.ca and connect with us on Linked in at www.linkedin.com/durhamrecruiting.