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Megan Murphy

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Math Tutor in both French and English



Hi I’m Megan!  I will be running a math tutoring business this summer called “Math with Megan”.  I am an honors French immersion student with exceptional math marks all in the 90’s.  I have experience as a peer tutor with recommendations from teachers.

I understand the importance of having a solid math foundation.  Students with weak math skills find the subject increasingly confusing and difficult (and get poor grades).  Students start to develop math anxiety. “Math with Megan” aims to improve a student’s math skills with ongoing practice to build confidence and a deeper understanding of math.

My service promises to be fun and engaging!  It will be unique because it will be technology based with the option of having it taught in French. With French immersion on the rise, students can benefit from being tutored in math while maintaining their French over the summer. It’s so important to use a language regularly, so you don’t lose it.

I look forward to offering a fun filled engaging tutoring program that will help students improve their math skills and gain their confidence in math.