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Siobhan O'Conner

Founder & of Anu Design

Siobhan sells yoga pants made from recycled water bottles. Yes you read that right! As a professional yoga instructor, she saw an opportunity to help students achieve positions easier by building yoga pants with built in knee pads.







About Siobhan and how she started Anu Design

As a professional yoga instructor, Siobhan O’Conner constantly would see some of her students reaching for props to support their knees during her classes. Time and time again, people would either miss a pose or have to catch up as they tried to support themselves. Siobhan determined there had to be a better, easier way, so she developed and designed an athletic pant with built-in knee pads. What is so extraordinary about these pants is that they are made from recycled plastic water bottles. It takes about 40-50 bottles to make one pair of ANU pants. The water bottles are ground down to little pellets, and then processed into a cloth-like material.

About the product design

These extraordinary pants come with or without knee pads in a crop or long leg version. Available sizes are XS to XL. They are designed with a high-rise waist which can be turned down for medium or low rise, depending on the wearer. And they are wick-away, four-way stretch in green, yellow, and pink. The pants also feature an easy grip airflow mesh on the inner leg. Siobhan continues to expand her product line as well, with some selections for men on the way.

“And they come in variety of styles and options, so you can customize the best pair of yoga pants for yourself. And they’re not see through. Everyone thinks that since they’re made from water bottles, that they’re see through, but they’re not.”

“Each pair of pants removes 40-50 plastic bottles from our fragile planet. ‘Cause every little bit of recycling counts big for our environment…They’re very affordable, and all ANU products, packaging, and labels are eco-friendly. So like, get a pair already, you’ll be so happy you did”

What Siobhan’s clients are saying

FG says, “I have had these pants for a while; they are my absolute favorite pants, very comfy and fit perfectly. I really like the high waist which holds the belly in tight. As I had a bad knee, I always wanted pants with knee protection. These are the best I could get – best design, best colors, best fabric. I can’t say how much I love these pants! Also the fact that they are made from recycled water bottles makes it more interesting.”

Another client says, “It is my pleasure to tell you how happy I am with my ANU Yoga wear. I am the proud owner of two pairs of yoga pants. My first thought was purchasing a great looking pair of yoga pants. But, when I now had the opportunity to purchase from a local, green company, my mind was made up. The pants are very comfortable. They stay in place, do not sag after use and wash very well. The material helps keep me cool as well as helps with grip when doing certain poses. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in the market for yoga pants. I also look forward to additions to the line!” – Lori Brunton

** Content written by Kay Kierstead – Kay’s Digital Quill