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Sandra Hobbs

Founder of Lashes by Design

If you’re looking for eyelash treatments and extensions, Lashes by Design is for you. Offering over 100 types of eyelashes, with over 9 trained stylists in the Durham Region. Other services include microblading, threading, facials, and training.






Why did you think you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur as I pondered a major career change in my late thirties. As much as I loved the stability of a regular paycheck, I wanted to create something and help people. I was getting lash extensions done by a woman from her home and I thought that looked so calm and peaceful. I took her lash course, and then developed a passion for the industry. I have always believed that if you are going to do something, you should strive to be the best that you can be. Following that advice, I continued my education in Lashes and in business ownership.
What drew me to the BACD was the opportunity to network and connect with other likeminded individuals. I was completely inspired to be in a room full of 15 completely different businesses, but we all shared the same dream.

What success are you most proud of?

My goal was simple – make $200 per week so that I could still afford to get my hair cut! After one week, I achieved that goal and need to make a new one! Most people would think that I would be most proud of the beautiful Lash and Brow Boutique that I opened last May in downtown Whitby, but I am actually just proud of my team of lash artists, microblade trainers, and all of my students. I think I still really like helping other people succeed, so I am always excited to hear the success stories of my students and my staff. I love that I am able to help other women achieve their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs on a schedule that they control.

How did BACD help you?

I first came to BACD as a networking opportunity, but then I realized they offer so much more than that. I took a couple of courses and I also took advantage of a one-on-one business planning session from a coach. I was so impressed by Ryan’s ability to think beyond my own business plan and he helped me look at my business from a different perspective.
The courses were taught by people who were experts in their field and inspired me to keep exploring social media opportunities. My business Facebook page now has almost 2000 likes! Who knew! I also learned some tricks and tips to build a full social media plan and also how to optimize the SEO on my website. I don’t even think I knew what SEO was before BACD!

What has worked for you in marketing your business so far?

It has been said many times before, but the most powerful form of advertising is referrals. Often it is satisfied customers that refer their friends, but a huge part of marketing your business is actually going to be the networking that you do completely outside of your business. I am always looking for networking opportunities, no matter how small, to spread the word about my business.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

I always tell my lash students that what they put in is what they will get out. If they want a full time business as a lash artist, then they need to always be putting in the work, even when they are not with a client. I give them a full “to do” list that includes everything from networking, creating social media pages, and setting up their studio. I warn students away from offering major discounts for their services because they will just attract coupon shoppers. Instead, spend the time planning and building your business with clientele who will value the quality of your work and help you succeed.