Rebecca Munn

Rebecca Munn
Rebecca Munn

Rebecca Munn


My business focuses on empowering and inspiring women with clothing. I design and create clothing for women of all sizes. I also offer sewing and design lessons at my studio in Oshawa.
Rebecca is a Summer Company & Starter Company graduate and grant recipient.








How did you get started in your business?

Sewing has always been a passion of mine. When i was six I started to formally learn how to sew. My parents fostered my desire to be creative.
I took part in the Summer Company program at the age of 17 and with their guidance two new passions emerged; business and mentoring. I became a teacher and a proprietor. There isn’t anything else I can imagine doing.

How did the help you got from BACD impact you and your business?

Without the BACD I would not have had the confidence to keep my business alive for the past 11 years. It has changed names, focus and direction but the support I have received remains invaluable. Most recently, the financial boost the Starter Company program has given my business has enabled me to launch three new campaigns and expand my business to places I had only imagined.