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Catherine Bossuyt

Founder & CEO of Step by Step Seniors, Downsizing Experts

Catherine is one of ten Second Start Finalists, and helps seniors seamlessly transition from space to space, by helping them to downsize and move. Her company takes the difficulty out of moving to a new location for seniors, be it to a new condominium, retirement, or nursing home.




About Catherine and how she started Step by Step Seniors

In 2015, Catherine Bossuyt dropped in on her in-laws unannounced. To her complete shock, she discovered that they were hiding the fact that they were really struggling with their day-to-day living. She quickly realized they were not safe living alone and immediately started to search for a solution. After a family discussion, and to her surprise, the senior couple agreed it was time to move to a retirement home. Catherine set out in search of one closer to her home, and she found an opening with an organization literally a one-minute drive from her house.

The next 15 days were a frenzy of downsizing and packing a three-bedroom home into just the essential and most treasured items. She organized everything including cancelling all utilities, transferring insurance, distributing items to family, and selling furniture on Kijiji. A lot of clothing was donated to a charity and some items were simply discarded. By the end of the two weeks, her in-laws belongings were packed and Catherine arranged for a moving company. She coordinated the relocation between Burlington and Ajax, making sure that the remaining furniture would fit in the new living space. Then she helped her in-laws unpack, settle in, and learn about their new home.

Within a few months, Catherine says her in-laws were doing much better. “They were eating well, and both had put on some weight. Perhaps most important, they were safe,” she says.

How Step by Step Seniors helps

While Catherine was managing all of these issues, several professionals she dealt with encouraged her to start her own company. The realtor Catherine worked with is also a seniors’ advocate and mentioned several times that the seniors often don’t have family to help them with such an endeavour.

Catherine did start her company and says, “Downsizing, whether it is to a condominium, retirement or nursing home takes a great deal of time, energy, and knowhow. Not all seniors can do this on their own, and even if adult children are near, they often don’t have a lot of time to help their parents due to their own busy lives.”

Catherine’s company, Step-by-Step Seniors’ Downsizing Experts, offers three main packages for assistance. “I don’t know of any competitors that offer my level of service, especially the offer to assist in finding the right retirement home. In addition, my clients are treated as if they are family. I know just how difficult the transition can be.”

What Catherine’s clients are saying

One of her clients says, “I told Catherine that she was like a guardian angel sent to help me find the next best home. We could not have done it without her.” – Evelin Wingerter

Catherine knows that downsizing can be a difficult time, but she shares there are many upsides, too. “There is less work to do. No more lawn mowing or snow shoveling. In a retirement home, meals are provided, there are people to interact with, your living space is cleaned and in some, your laundry is done for you. There are activities going on all the time, but most importantly, you are safe.”

** Content written by Kay Kierstead – Kay’s Digital Quill