Stacy Brown


A one-stop shop online store for any special occasion that takes the guessing out of gifting. By following a few simple steps, anyone can create an event, add a universal wishlist and invite guests via social media.







One of the things that we love to do for the BACD clients, is to feature them both online and promote them to our network. Stacy has been working with BACD for a while now starting with developing her business idea and model to getting her business plan and financials ready for investment. Stacey recently received her start up funding from Futurpreneur through working with BACD.

With the addition of Tinselit’s new FREE app on the App Store, we couldn’t think of a better client to feature this month.

Keep reading for more about Tinselit or Stacy’s Brown’s journey creating Tinselit.

Your favourite wish list and event website now has a FREE app on the App Store

Stacy’s Journey

Stacy Brown is a single mother who found herself frustrated after running into the problem of duplication and errors in the process of getting and giving gifts – you never get exactly what you want! She herself ended up getting three bathtubs at her own baby shower.

After speaking with other first time parents, she realized that for baby showers they all created registries at multiple stores and ended up with nothing they really wanted.

The solution?

After being featured as a contestant on CBC’s new series, Next Generation Dragon’s Den, Stacy Brown overcame challenges and successfully obtained funding to launch Tinselit.com. Raising capital for launching a business is one of the major challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Canada. Most of all, this is about a woman who when faced with a problem others had faced before, she decided to fix it. Instead of doing nothing, she found a solution that makes life easier for any parent or party planner!