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Summer Company allows you to go beyond your typical student summer job and turn your idea into a business. Start in June/July and finish by Labour Day. The program provides Ontario students ages 15-29 up to $3,000 and hands-on coaching and mentoring to help you start and operate your business.

Summer Company Program remains available, however the program is pivoting the types of businesses allowed in the program due to COVID19.

Please read the following guidelines:
- Student businesses should not require direct interaction with anyone and must follow social distancing rules.

Example of eligible business:
- online products
- lawn care with electronic payment,
- online tutoring etc.

Please ensure that you can acquire everything you need to run your business (manufacturers, supplies etc.)

These types of businesses are NOT eligible for funding:

  • partnerships/co-operatives
  • franchises
  • distributorships
  • incorporated businesses that are controlled directly or indirectly by a person who would not be eligible for a Summer Company award
  • business ventures that are subsidiaries or divisions of an existing business
  • business ventures that are continuations of existing commercial endeavours
  • commissioned sales
  • multi-level marketing ventures
  • single events such as a theatrical production, a DJ gig, a music concert, a dance/party event, a fundraiser, a sporting tournament, etc.
  • businesses that are strictly pay per click
  • 1-900 businesses

The Business Advisory Centre Durham (BACD) manages the Summer Company program for the Durham Region area.

Contact Ashley McBride, Summer Company Coordinator for any questions, (905) 668 4949 ext 226.

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Summer Company


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