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Plan Your Website Now and For Future Growth!

If you have ever been confused about websites, then this is the event for you! Your website is your chance to make a great impression and the ability for you to showcase your services, tell your potential customers why they should buy from you, as well as show that your business is legitimate and trustworthy.…

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Using Web & Social Data to Grow Your Business

Is your website and social working?  Are your SEO and paid marketing efforts paying off? Where should you spend more money…or less money and time? This event is dense with practical info and hands on activities and will teach you how to use data to improve your business. We will focus on optimizing customer experience…

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Tell Your Story and Build Your Digital Presence

Get your customers to talk online about your business.  Your customers are researching online and looking for businesses like yours. How much business are you losing by not being found or being in the conversation? This workshop will cover: Building your customer persona and target market Becoming searchable Enhancing your social media presence Creating interesting, relevant and engaging content Exploring new tools such…

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