I recently read this article that really made me feel good and proud of the businesses that we work with here at the Business Advisory Centre Durham.
For so long, the focus has been on Tech, that I could not help to sometimes feel deflated or discouraged for all our clients, working in “unsexy” businesses with not much love and attention.   As much as we thought that they were superheros, the focus was on the tech businesses and their venture funding search or crowdfunding campaigns! These “mainstreet” businesses account for the vast majority of industry in our economy.

Don’t get me wrong, technology and the disruption to traditional industries such as the IT Industry (Dropbox, Google), Taxi Industry (Uber, Lyft) or Hotel Industry (AirBnB, VRBO, Couch Surf) are necessary as we further evolve into a knowledge based economy, however, the need for consumable products and services will not disappear while we still have consumers.  The mode or delivery of these may change but we will still have consumers!

Andrew Yang wrote this article that talked about “unsexy” entrepreneurship.  Our clients’ businesses are not always glamorous living in swanky cool offices with all the gadgets and gizmo’s you could want – you did not start out thinking that you wanted a billion dollar company – you were solving a problem for your client.  You work with people who are non-techy and if you hire people quite often their job is “unsexy” fulfilling your customers needs.

As Andrew says, we all admire the “sexy” entrepreneurs and tech firms but keep in mind that only 1 percent of these new businesses receive venture capital (likely less in Canada).  It’s the other 99 percent that create more jobs, employ most of the working population and make our economy world go round – we could use a lot more of them!

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