What’s Killing Content Marketing?

A great article on why our blogs and social media posts don’t always convert our clients into action.  Sometimes I wonder if our clients are even checking out our social media feeds – mostly my content is not original or created by us because I feel that the content is already out there.  I see our job as curating that content for our businesses and saving our clients time and hassle in searching for articles and content we share on our various channels.

There is some great food for thought and ways for you to change course to create content that is relevant and unique to your client audience.  It’s important to create stories that your customers care about – this is harder than we think to create and requires thought, planning and strong execution.  We are really trying to create action in our clients to choose us!

Read this great article from the Content Marketing Institute.  You and your story  has to be different and unique!


Let me know if we are on the right track or what you would like us to help you with. What would make your lives easier as business owners?

Here is a list of companies that even though boring is creating great content!  And Kapost has a list of Top 50


Cheers, Teresa