Patrice recently met with one of her clients and they were discussing feeling overwhelmed with what needed to be done next to move her goals forward.  With Patrice’s suggestion, they both started working on a Strategy Map.  Nothing delights us more than knowing we are helping our clients help themselves! Helping you develop your business and opportunities…that’s the BACD way!  We are here if anyone would like help mapping out their To Do’s!

“The strategy board was probably a rudimentary thing that I should’ve already known, but putting that together helped immensely!!! It seems every day the size of the opportunity grows. Thank you for taking the time to explain this concept to me. I have already run out of room on the board for potential streams…lol… But taking care of legal and financial first! I’ll keep you posted!


Top 5 Reasons to have a Strategy Map!

1.  To map the future

2. To develop a plan of action

3. To feel in control of the next steps

4. To map growth opportunities

5. To reach your goals!